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Holy Grail Authentics was started in 2013 by myself Todd Keiser.
     I was born and raised in the North Texas Panhandle until I was in the 2nd grade.  We moved to Oklahoma for a year for Dad's career and then found ourselves a year later moving again to Nebraska "The Good Life," where we settled in the small town of Yutan, NE.  It was 1994 and I was in the 3rd grade when I shortly realized I would not be making any new friends wearing the bright burnt orange Texas Longhorns clothes I was used to wearing.  I remember begging my parents for my first Nebraska Cornhuskers Starter jacket so I could fit in and I still own it today!  I still didn't know what all the "Big Red" craze was all about until my Dad took me to my very first Nebraska Football Game in 1995.  I still remember the chills I got from the tunnel walk music and cheering crowd, and then letting my first Red Balloon go after Nebraska scored their first touchdown of the game. I will never forget that feeling.  My passion and addiction for the Big Red began that day. Thank you Dad!
    As of now I am currently active duty in the United States Marine Corps, so our store is only here online as well as our Facebook group "HGA Auctions" where we host weekly auctions open to everyone.  To join just follow link:
    We have a couple years left in the Marine Corps until I can retire.  Until then my family and I look forward to our next chapter of our life back home in "The Good Life" where we plan on opening a Nebraska business in Lincoln.  I am also a commissioned artist for hire that specializes in Sports Art.  My goal is to become a licensed Husker artist.  God Bless & Go Big Red!

                                             Semper Fidelis,
                                             Todd D. Keiser

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