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Here we have a small piece of history, a 1967 Telegram Invitation from Al Silverman ( Editor of Sport Magazine -Author and Sports Writer) Silverman wrote the book ( I Am Third ) which was about Gale Sayers and was later adapted for the 1971 television movie Brian's Song. This historic telegram is an Invitation to the Sports Magazine`s 13th annual World Series Award Luncheon honoring the great Bob Gibson who of course was the 1967 World Series MVP. The text and the subject of this Vintage Telegram is magnificent and historic. 
In 1963 after retirement Musial was named Vice President of the Saint Louis Cardinals and remained the VP until after the 1966 season. Before the 1967 season began he was named to the General Managers position and he oversaw the clubs World Series Championship that year. This telegram was personally owned by Stan Musial and comes from The Stan Musial Collection. Musial saved and treasured  many of the telegrams he received over his great Hall of Fame Baseball career.

- This item was purchased from the most reputable sports auction in the country Heritage Auctions.

A truly rare personally owned Stan Musial piece of Baseball History that would make a great gift for any baseball fan.

STAN MUSIAL 1967 Telegram for BOB GIBSON MVP Award

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